Sunday, October 30, 2005

Apparently Baby cat likes toffuti ice cream too.

World Vegan Day

I went and ate and ate and spend all my money.

There were so many people. We arrived just before 2 and you could barely move in some sections and the line for veggie burgers was always long.

Unfortunately no tofutti ice cream though. They only had their cream cheeses to sample and empty ice cream cartons and tubs to tease us with.

I fell in love with Bombay bliss bags.

I also like the look of the yoga retreats, cooking classes and even their vegan recipe calendars available at mukti in Hepburn Springs. Mmmm i could handle a trip to Hepburn springs.

Plus I discovered another vegan beer range.

Food wise, I managed to fit in a choc jam donut, very filling 'schnitzel' burger, chocolate, wonton(free), five spice tofu(free), satay 'chicken'(free), and a cherry and chocolate muffin.

Its a good thing i skipped breakfast.

I also bought an over the shoulder bombay bliss bag(good for going out), save babe t-shirt, orgran biscuts and some other little things. Plus i got a henna tattoo on my hand.

All in all a good day.