Monday, May 29, 2006

Baked tofu

I can't believe I have been vegan for so long and only just tried baked tofu.

I used a recipe from Vegan planet and marinated it overnight in a mixture of water, braggs (soy sauce), lemon juice and sesame oil and then baked it for almost an hour (flipping once).

I made it this evening in preparation for tomorrows sandwiches but ended up eating quite a bit.

Fellow veg*ns and other tofu lovers go and try it if you haven't already. Its amazing!

Now I just need to explore what else goes well with in a sandwhich.

Wish I could post a pic (but still haven't got a replacement voucher from insurance company)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Grocery shopping

Last night I finally sat down and did a realistic budget (using one of the excel templates) and found as I expected depressing news, with the projected rent (that I'm not yet paying) and other expenses I will be left with about $20 each month to my name. I also did one for Mr T, and he will actually be in debt each month (don't ask).

That got me thinking about grocery shopping. By shopping mostly at the market and trying to cut down on expensive food items but stll enjoying a varied healthy diet I think my weekly shopping will be about $75-$100 (for 2 people) so today I spoke to everyone at work to see how much they spent. It ranged from $35 to $200. How much do you spend? (if you don't mind sharing). The $35 a week is the woman I sit next to, who does actually eat relatively healthy and she eats meat which I would imagine adds another expense. I can't believe how little she spends I really don't how she does it, she did however start to give me a few ideas to cut down:

* Buy dried beans instead of canned (yes I know they taste better but they also take a lot more time and organisation)
* Cut out expensive snacks (no more garlic bagel slices and pretzels)
* Buy in bulk nuts and rice. Any suggestions on where to get cheaper nuts and come to think it i'm not sure that i've ever seen bulk brown rice?
* Shop at an Asian grocer ( I already do this with tofu since its saves over half the price)

Anyone else have any other suggestions?

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Thanks to Katie at Frugal Veggie Mama who posted Dr Furhams almond carob fudge recipe I tried it and fell in love.

I wish I could take pics but my camera got stolen in a burgulary we had here last week.

I'm not much of a fan of carob or almond butter (love cashew butter though) and I loved it.

The only problem now is trying not to eat it all in one go and I might just have to get a copy of Disease proof your child, even though I don't have any kids.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Menu planning

Mr T and I are trialing menu planning at the moment in an effort to reduce time and money spend from going to the supermarket almost every day. I have well and truly outlived the 'I am too spontaneous to shop weekly' excuse.

We did it last week with success so here is trial 2.

You will notice that we are very frugal trying to make almost every dish last for leftovers the next day and mostly one bowl meals. I also want to try a couple of new recipes this week.

So here is the plan for the next half a dozen days, minus snacks (fruit, nuts, popcorn, Mr T;s baked goodies and even a few salad-ish side type things) and breakfast which generally consists of toast or one of a couple of cereals.

Would appreciate any advice from those who are more experienced with these types of things.


B: Katie's Vegan French Toast which I tried last week and have been dreaming about since, served with banana and maple syrup

L: out for mothers day lunch probably to an Indian restaurant (my mothers fav)

D: Corn, Kale and Sweet Potato Chowder with garlic bread


L: Left over corn chowder for Mr T
Cashew Butter and raspberry jam sandwiches x 2 (because I will be at a conference all day and besides Mr T doesn't appreciate them like I do)

D: Burritos (refried bean, tofu and veggies) with avocado

L: Left over burritos

D: Kale and toor dal with rice and mango chutney carrot slaw (inspired from new vegan cookbook recipe)


L: Leftover kale toor dal with rice and mango chutney carrot slaw

D: Fried Rice with tofu, veggies and broccoli dish

Leftover fried rice

D: Dinner out as going to 2 open for inspections after work. If anyone is in the fitzroy area that evening let me know.

L: Our fav last minute sandwich: avocado, tomato, pine nuts with salt and pepper.

D: Mr T's mystery pasta dish

Now I just need to start actually sticking to a good budget system and I will be fine.

Btw, Mr T has been in aus for 6 months today!