Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Inner West Food Suggestions?


Just a quick post to say that we are alive just life has been a bit hectic at the moment, especially since we are the middle of moving house. We haven't moved for several years so forget how much stuff we have. I was talking to someone at a party the other day about the popular blog called zenhabits which focuses on minimalist living, so I have been reading it for inspiration at night, so trying to declutter as we move but its so muck work. Remind me if I buy any new clothing/kitchen stuff in the future to get rid of at least 2 things. On the bright side, i'm looking forward to having room in our new place for a dining table, a proper garden and hosting a potluck in summer time!

No, it's not us!

I wondered if any of you know of any vegan and gluten free food options in the inner west, particuarly around yarravile, footscray and seddon? I know a few vegan options but struggle a little with the annoying gluten free.