Sunday, August 26, 2012

Red Robyn Cafe and Ten Year Vegan Anniversary

I came back from semi blogging retirement to tell you two things.

First: I've been vegan for 10 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't really remember what month it was but suspect it was some time between June and August. I still remember family members telling me it was a stage that I was going through. Remember, mum? I think i've changed a lot over those years though in the beginning I was so passionate that I wanted to tell everyone, would happily engage in conversations/arguments whereas now I've become somewhat non confrontational in fact loads of people in my life don't even know, particularly colleagues. I'm also trying to move away from eating vegan junk food and move to healthier wholefoods.


There is a relatively new gluten free cafe called Red Robyn which I adore. I've been twice now. It's an omni gluten free cafe but caters really well to vegans. Often vegetarian places like chinese vegetarian restaurants do not cater at all for coeliacs and gluten free cafes don't cater for vegans. So Red Robyn makes my heart sing!

The first time I went, I had the sweet potato rosti with smoky beans and avocado which I loved. Yesterday when I went I got the curried lentil pot pie with chickpea chips. The pastry on top of the lentil pot pie was great for gf pastry which is no easy feat. The lenil curry was surprisingly good with a coconut base and the chicpeas fries were amazing. I need to try to make these at home.

Then it was DONUT TIME, I got a custard donut. Yes a vegan and gluten free custard donut! I should have taken an inside shot but I was too excited. The donut part was quite similar to a regular donut but it needed more custard. Last time I went I got a vanilla slice which was awesome. I also have a jam donut in my fridge waiting for me to eat after dinner tonight and I had some yoyos last night. The yoyos are ok but perhaps too sweet, but I don't think i've ever been a yoyo fan.

It's quite a quitea cute cafe too, I loved these features:

They have lots of other awesome things that I want to try like too like the vegan and gluten free pancakes! The customer service is great and they cater well to other intolerances too like fructose malabsorption. Toby said that the coffee is actually pretty good and they have rice milk, as well as soy milk available. Both times I went with people who can eat gluten like Toby, Michael and Erin and they all enjoyed their meals. My only complaint is that its not super close to my house but so worth the drive!

Red Robyn Cafe & Restaurant
393 Camberwell Rd
9077 3763