Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Our friends Tim and Caroline have been telling us about their burrito-taco combo for some time and when they invited Mr T and I to try them we jumped at the chance.

The taco-burritos were awesome, they combined the excellence of a taco in a non messy burrito. Pure genius! I will certainly try to recreate it at home. Here is Tim showing us how to do it.

And then you wrap the burrito up around the taco.

Here are all of the fillings: cheezly, avocado, salsa and chili (with beans and tofu).

I took along some chewy chocolate chocolate chip cookies and chocolate peanut butter chocolate pretzels. I decided after watching the US office (which I am addicted to) that I had to combine my fav salty product with sweet things. I melted some choc chips with a tiny bit of margarine and dipped the pretzels in and then I melted the peanut butter with a tiny bit of margarine and tried to drip it over the chocolate coated pretzels they didn't look very pretty but I made them in a rush. I think they tasted pretty good but I'm a bit pretzel fan so I might be biased.

Dan made tasty rose water biscuits (pictured above-right) and a yummy salad with apple, cheezly, red onion, beans and I forgot what else, but it tasted great!

We also had some soy ice cream and tried to combine all of the sweet things, here is a chocolate chip cookie, topped with a preztel and chocolate soy ice cream.

I'm sorry about the quality of the pics. I still don't have a camera and rely on Mr T's phone camera which is not the greatest.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just a quick note to say:

That the 'bacon and cheese' burgers at East Brunswick Club rock.

And I will try not to post for a couple of weeks, or comment on other blogs. I have one more massive essay/project left of my masters, not including my thesis. But it's horrible and boring so I need to use all of my time to work on it.

I also don't have a camera because I dropped mine and broke it and I'm arranging a film fundraiser for Burma and China which requires more of my time than I expected.

But maybe, just maybe you might start hearing from Mr T at his blog. If it happens, I'll let you know.

Friday, May 9, 2008


I had leftover cheezly from the cheezy muffins I made. So I set out making my standard chilli (with added cocoa) only to discover that the cheezly had gone bad. I had my heart set on cheezy taste and it was too late to get cheezly, so I decided to make this Vegan Cheese Sauce from post punk kitchen and added some garlic and onion powder to it. As you can see in this picture texture wise it was quite good like melted cheese, taste wise I was pleasantly surprised, it didn't replace cheezly or cheese but it satisfied my need.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ok, so i'm really slow to have tried Fry's vegetarian burgers. But why hasn't anyone in blog world told me that they rock? I just discovered that fry's products only seem to be sold at Safeway which is why I never see them at Coles where I normally shop. I tried one of the burgers and even burnt it and it still tasted great, just like how I remember hamburgers to taste. I finally found my replacement for sanitarium notburgers which are sadly no longer vegan. Now I just need to try their other vegetarian products.

Edited to add: the sausages are crap!

Also, the aduki award winners have been announced, no surprises there with the ice cream and cheese, but a NSW restaurant one best veg restaurant!