Sunday, September 1, 2013

Green Global Vegetarian Food Mart

Hi, remember me? 

Despite living in the west for 9 months, I had never really heard much or come across green global vegetarian food mart until recently. It's situated in Braybrook which is close by but a surprising destination, close to sunshine and west footscray. It seems it was originally opened near the vicmarket. It's a small shop situated on a rundown strip of shops. 

It's quite similar to vincents vegetarian foods, except it is smaller, but has slightly more variety. It sells all sorts of regular Asian mockmeats as well as funky pies, I'm guessing the ones next to it are la panella pies and sausage rolls. They also sell vegusto, notzarella, nakd bars and much more.

Also lots of tofutti products.

 And lots of vegetarian sauces/pastes. I wish the tom yum paste was msg free. Excuse my blurry phone pics.

More importantly though its' cheap! My cheezly was only $5.95. I'll certainly be stopping by to get more cheezly and marry me ice creams.

105 south road
9939 8566
Monday-Sunday 9-6pm.

It's also been blogged about by veganpolous

Also if you live in the west you should join cruelty free guide to the west on facebook.