Sunday, February 13, 2005

Footscray Market on Saturday Posted by Hello

I went to footscray Market on Saturday against the advice of my brothers girlfriend who told me 'it stunk' and was 'dodgy' and that there was 'meat hanging up everywhere'. To which I replied 'I lived in Hong Kong for a year- I'm sure I can handle it'. I have to admit I still was a little hesitant but it was great. In fact I've decided I will go here instead of vic market in the future. Sure vic market is bigger and a little cleaner. But footscray market is cheaper, there are less loud men shouting out the price of everything and there are less crowds to contend with (well on a sat around 1pm anyway).

And for the record 'the meat hanging up everywhere' is separate from the fruit and veg just like at the vic market. I didn't notice much of a smell and it didn't feel dodgy at all.

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