Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bodhi Cafe

Mr T and I stumbled across a new vegetarian restaurant today by accident. It's called Bodhi Cafe and is located at 241 Victoria st, Abbotsford near the corner of punt rd and Victoria st. It was perfect timing because we were starving.

I ordered kumquat tea and BBQ Pork with fragrant rice (flavoured with mint and soybean crisps) and Mr T ordered the tofu don dish. The kumquat tea was perfectly sweet, the BBQ pork was beautifully presented and the rice was so yummy you could eat it by itself. The BBQ pork itself was up to the standards of all the mock meat places in Melbourne. Unlike other Chinese veg places in Melb though this had a more relaxed cafe feel, and instead of just BBQ pork you got a bit of a variety on your plate. Mr T thought his meal was boring but he did order the dish minus the egg that it normally comes with and if you ask me he ordered the most boring thing on the menu.

Kumquat tea (almost finished ohhps)

BBQ Pork

Mr T's 'boring' tofu don dish

I was very impressed, the decor was cute, the food was cheap with mains costing between $8 to $9 and best of all it is open til 11pm everyday except for Monday.

On the downside or the upside depending on your perspective there are more teas and coffees to chose from than there are main meals. There are only 10 mains to choose from but you can order things like lavender latte, and peanut butter coffee and red date/longan tea. They also had entrees like spring rolls and chicken nuggets and a variety of desserts (none of the desserts looks vegan friendly though). The mains alone though left us quite full. Here's a copy of the mains page on the menu:

It reminded me of Hong Kong cafes and like a smaller version of Fo Guang Yuan tea house.


  1. I've been to Bodhi vegan restaurant in Sydney, but the two look unrelated. Sydney Bodhi is more yum cha. Great find, I'll have to look for it if I'm ever in Melbourne!

  2. I am so there..tomorrow! Its just near my house, I cant believe I havent stumbled upon it yet, thankyou!

  3. Theresa, yes when I saw the name I was thinking the same. But they don't seem to be related.

    Button, I strongly recommend the Kumquat tea if you like sweet drinks, you'll have to post over at your blog with what else tastes good!

  4. Hey Kristy,
    I found this post of yours from over at "wheres the beef?"
    Just wanted to say what a great recommendation it was, esp cause its just round the corner from my place! I had the cumquat tea- so tasty and sweet!

  5. bodhi cafe now is under new manager..
    we followthe old recipes and create new dishes.
    summer is comming, we will have summer menu and more special veg dishes for u guys..