Monday, March 3, 2008

Rishon Foods is my new fav food store

I ventured down to Balaclava on Sunday and almost $40 later come out with all sorts of vegan goodies. Including this vegan Viennetta style ice cream cake called Fantasia Chocolate Vanilla cake (although the label is not in english). Here is the only pic I could find online of the box. Sorry for the size. My camera is not working and I want you to find this amazing product. It also comes in mocha flavour.
I love asian supermarkets, the Mediterranean wholesalers and the nut factory outlet in Brunswick. But I used to really love Viennetta ice cream! So this Jewish supermarket gets my vote. I also picked up these vegan spinach pastries, garlic pretzels and many more products that I have never seen before.

In case you have no idea what Viennetta ice cream is here is a pic:

Rishon Foods is located at 23 William St Balaclava

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