Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm so going.

Whether I bake is another story, with my latest baking issues i'm leaning towards No.

I'm trying to convince Mr T to enter because he looks cute in an apron and I think more guys need to enter.


  1. Maybe you and Mr T should both enter... a little healthy competition is good for relationships, right?

  2. Theresa, that's not a bad idea!

    Emily, hehe :-)

  3. I'm gutted I'm missing this.

    And I second theresa and emily - you have to enter, and kick Mt T's butt!

  4. i am also really excited about this! ever since i heard of it ive been planning what to bake- biscuits, cake, slice...? i cant decide! what a food nerd.
    thanks for adding me to your roll by the way :)