Thursday, May 7, 2009

PIzza and Park Date

While we have tried to stop eating out, we still continue with our dates once a month with the promise to try to be as frugal as possible.

So we picked up a few pieces of pizza and desserts from Fatto a Mano. It's a regular unassuming bakery with a few tables inside and out and it just happens to have lots of vegan items, although they don't tend to advertise them as such, so you need to ask. Almost all of the pizzas don't have cheese on them though which is awesome. Plus it's cheap, one piece of pizza costs a few dollars and filled me up. We took the food to the carlton gardens.

Tomato and basil pizza and vegetable pizza (pumpkin, roasted capscium, mushroom and potato). The tomato/basil while simple was pretty great but the veg pizza was my fav.

mushroom and caramelized onion pizza. Mr T who doesn't share my mushroom hatred loved this piece.

Cherry bliss ball which tasted like cherry ripe.

Peanut butter ball . They are same ones that I blogged about from world vegan day and which allergy block sell.

We then enjoyed the sun shining down on us, laying on the grass and looking up at the gorgeous trees.

It was probably my favourite date yet and reminded me that you don't need much money to have fun.

Fatto a Mano
228 Gertrude St
9417 5998


  1. their pizzas are good but those chocolate balls are amazing

  2. sounds like a gorgeous day together. i went to fatto's the day after you talked those balls up (teehee) at grumpy's but they were out, and i was told there wouldn't be any more for a week. so sad

  3. Johanna, I know I adore them.

    Phillipa, you can get them allergy block too!