Tuesday, July 19, 2011

US Products Which We Loved

These were only some of the products which we tried and loved there was plenty more like hemp milk (I think it was this brand) and a vegan box of chocolates from Food Fight but I forgot to take pictures of them. I also loved the crazy rumours lip balms which I've thankfully also found in Melbourne.

I tried maybe 4-5  vegan ice cream flavours, but these were the two we tried when we had an ice cream party with Susan. We each bought some ice cream and shared. They were all delicious but I'm not a huge fan of the fake cherry flavour. I can't decide if the luna and larry coconut chocolate hazelnut fudge (pictured) or the purely decadent coconut based chocolagte peanut butter swirl was my fave.


I really don't get why we don't have awesome vegan yogurt here when both the UK and the US can do it. I enjoyed several flavours in this coconut range (except for cherry-what is with the fake cherry flavour?):


Another thing that the US do well in gf cereal, these were my favourites, particuarly the maple sunrise and from memory it was pretty healthy too.

I tried 3 brands of vegan peanut butter cups but these were my fav, they were just a tad saltier which is perfect in my book. I  really need to replicate this recipe.

Other sweet treats which I loved, justin's flavoured nut butters including maple almond butter, sour gummies bars, and the whole range of eli's earth bars, and the little individual organic chocolates from sjaaks particuarly the caramel ones.

It was only the flight home that I finally tried tings and we devoured the huge bag. I had heard Mandee rave about them but had trouble finding them. I had looked in a few whole foods but couldn't find them. I eventually asked someone at wholefoods who showed me where they were hiding which was not in the chip aisle but somewhere else. They taste a lot like twisties and have nooch in them so I wish I took more packets home with us.

Only one more US post to go from Toby, can you guess what it might be on?  And that will conclude our US holiday posts. I hope I haven't bored the Australian readers with these posts.


  1. i never saw those corn sticks before! i'll have to look for them the next time i go food shopping!

  2. It looks like you picked up some amazing treats! Good call on snagging the coconut milk-based ice creams. I happen to particularly adore Coconut Bliss (especially the chocolate hazelnut fudge flavor), but any combination of creamy coconut milk, chocolate, and nuts will probably win me over very easily. :)

  3. Yes, American cherry flavouring is WEIRD. See also: cinnamon flavouring.

    Thanks so much for sharing the peanut butter cups! They were incredible, so much better than Reese's.

  4. We stock Nature's Path cereals at the shop - not those particular flavours, but definitely can get them! You should see if you can find them.

  5. I came across coconut yoghurt at Thomas Dux recently, but I didn't check whether it is vegan or not...

  6. Is the face on the packet of tings someone that people might recognise

    Glad you enjoyed your trip - enjoyed seeing some of the places you went - really really wish I could do a trip in your foot steps and try some of these places (but even getting out and about in Melbourne is a challenge these days)

  7. I love those mamba sweets & crazy rumours lip balm. I can't wait to try those peanut butter cups.

  8. I'm glad to see you enjoyed your trip so much!
    Out of curiosity, where did you find Crazy Rumors lipbalm in Melbourne?

  9. Caitlin, they are so good.

    Eat to live, i'm pretty sure the one is not vegan.

    Tiffany, good point.

    Cindy, your welcome.

    Liz, the ones I have seen in australia never seem to be gluten free.

    Joanna, no idea.

    Hannah, from here: http://dorothyandevelyn.com/flash/dorothy.html

  10. Those vegan peanut butter cups look good. I wouldn't mind trying some of them.