Monday, August 8, 2011

Mercy Seat

I think it's easy being vegan, its a bit more difficult being gluten free and vegan though. Particularly as not all veg*n restaurants cater for us gluten free folks and sometimes the 1-2 options are bland and just not worth it. Excellent in Portland which seems to be the best place in the world for us gleegans. There have been a couple of new veg*n cafes which have opened recently in Melbourne which have 0 gluten free options.  In my previous gluten eating days I would have rushed out to support the new veg businesses but simply haven't been able to which makes me a tad sad. Mercy Seat was among them, but they announced on Friday night that they had gluten free bread so I rushed out the next day with Cindy and Michael to try what others have been raving about. Mercy Seat is a vegetarian breakfast/lunch place which is situated at a bar called 99 problems.

I had the scrambled tofu with avocado on gluten free bread. The scrambled tofu doesn't contain any soy sauce which I was thankful for since it generally means that I can't eat it. Instead it was fried with spinach, red onions, and plenty of spices. I could see the tumeric and they are a tad spicy from what what I suspect to be cayenne pepper.  It was delicious and very filling. Also excellent value for $10, not sure how much extra it was for gf toast. The rest of the smallish menu looks pretty gluten heavy with burgers, vegan philly cheese steak etc but I suspect that the avocado with vegan feta is also gf if served on gf toast. I just hope that they are not using the kolios greek fasting feta which is not actually vegan. We will certainly go back to try more.

They also had home made lemonade on the specials board, I was surprised to find that it was carbonated rather than American style lemonade but it was just as refreshing served with mint.

Toby thought his long black was very delicious. They use padre coffee.


Mercy Seat
31 Johnston St

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  1. Hehe! When I was in America this year I ordered lemonade and was surprised that I received a non-carbonated drink!

    In Australia, when you ask for lemonade, you get what American's refer to as "Sprite"!