Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dosa Hut- West Footscray

I've been craving dosas since our Hong Kong trip and so suggested dosa hut for a family event. It's a nice looking cafe with very reasonable prices. I wasn't completely confident of their gf-ness because when I asked she said that they use regular flour too but Toby and I were pretty sure that she was talking about the whole restaurant rather than the dosas. I didn't get sick afterwards which is a good sign.

 excuse the phone pic

Toby and I both ordered the masala dosa (about $8). It comes with a coconut sauce, a mild vegetable curry and a slightly spicer sauce. The potato curry inside the large pancake was very tasty but also very spicy. My family members enjoyed their dosas and curries too although my grandfathers rice based dish was far too spicy for him. I think Toby struggled too with the spice level, so if you can't handle the heat I would stay away. I loved it though. My mother who is a big fan of Indian food said that she couldn't believe that she had only just discovered dosas. My only complaint was that I was still a little hungry so ate half of a second serve.

You can read other reviews at footscray food blog and consider the sauce.

Salaam Namaste Dosa Hut
604 Barkly Street
West Footscray
9687 0171


  1. Dosa Hut is fantastic. There's also a newish place just near Vincent Veg, but I have no idea what they're like. Cook up a collab?

  2. Dosa Hut has really lifted its game in the past year or so. Either side of Vincent are Vanakkam (dosas etc, outstanding biryanis, regular curries and Indo-Chinese) and Pandu's (Indo-Chinese only but really, really great!).