Sunday, May 15, 2005

My all time fav house-the 'mysterical/magical house'-Williamstown.

It's been a hard couple of weeks, with uni deadlines all coming at once and 'the decision'. The decision makes me want to cry somedays because there is no right decision and there are no guarantees and just the fact that its not just my consquences to live with but his too makes it incredibly difficult. Meanwhile at uni I have had one of the worst tests ever the mean result was 49% (I passed somehow!), a 2,000 word essay and as I told Erin I handed in 4,000 words of crap. Masters is not much fun!

Not surprisingly I woke up on friday with a ulcer, cold and very very bad skin. My body has had enough I think.

I have been dreaming lately about taking a holiday during the mid break holidays to Hong Kong. I could see my darling maybe even check out what he does at work, do lots of cheap shopping, hang with a few of my remaining friends in HK, enjoy the hot weather, eat at my fav veg places there like the $HK23place and maybe even get my hair re-straighened. Mmmmmmmmmm it would be great and just what I need too! There is however one little problem though: money!

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