Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Food food and more food in HK

The last time I was in HK I discovered some new foods which I love. The picture above shows the very last turnip cake (white-ish rectangle) on top of all the other yam cakes (which are nice but not as good as turnip cake). They are called cakes but really they are savory slices. I've told Mr T it would be much appreciated if he learned how to make it because I can't find a vegetarian recipe online. I'm not sure how I lived in HK without trying it but now I feel like i was missing out all along. Mmmm i love vegetarian dim sum. There is some thing extremely comforting about eating lots of little dishes.

I didn't actually eat this one but the sign is funny.

Dried mango and all sorts of other yummy things sold on the street.

Ja-ja (sp?). I love HKs dessert soups. I thought red bean or the almond one was my fav til I tried this one!

Speaking of food, MR T informed me when I was there that a tomato tofu dish that i was fond of was made mostly from ketchup/tomato sauce. I did some googling and found a recipe that sounded like it here. I tried it a few weeks ago and again last night and sure enough it tastes very similar to the same dish i had in HK. Who would have thought I could make a delicious sauce out of tomato sauce, soy sauce, ginger and not much else?


  1. Dangit, now I'm hungry! Why must you show me pictures of tasty food? ;.;

  2. Wow look at all the fabulous food. Thanks for posting! :-)