Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Vegan Pizza

Before I got really sick, I decided to play aroung with vegan pizza.

I made 'cheezy sauce' from a recipe from the back of the nutrirional yeast (or savoury yeast flakes as it is called here in aus) packet. While the colour was off the texture was very good, like melted cheese and it was quite yummy.

I decided to make two different styles of toppings on one since the base was so large. The left was my side, the slightly healthier side consisted of: cannellini beans and broccolini precooked with garlic inspired from something in vegan planet. On the right side, Mr T chose to cover it with tomatos, olives, mushrooms, corn, and capsicum.

before the cheezy sauce

after the cheezy sauce, sprinkled with sesame seeds and different herbs

It was served with sun dired tomato garlic bread, which beats regular garlic bread any day. It was yummy and very filling. however next time I won't cover it so much with the sauce, it takes away from the toppings a little bit too much for my liking and I'll make mini ones instead and expirement more with different toppings.

We had a fair bit of cheezy sauce sauce left over so we made some toasted sandwiches for work the next day, mine consisted of sauce and corn/ sauce and tomatos. Mr T's were a little more colourful since he loooves olives and I can't stand them:


  1. Yum! They look like they were fun to make.

  2. It was a lot of fun, you should have seen Mr T organising his side like an excited little boy.

  3. You should exchange recipies with Ariel (Lake Desire), she's big into cooking.

    Also, if you're interested in alternative cheese substitute to the "cheesy sauce" you describe, I'd recommend soy cheese. Because I have a bit of lactose intolerance, I use it in my cooking and I find that - in terms of taste, texture, and the way it cooks - it's indistinguishable from dairy cheese.