Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Peanut butter Cups

Here is one of the peanut butter cups I made from How it all vegan. They are super easy to make and very good, although a little rich. Sorry for the crappy pic, I always seem to forget to take pics of food until the last minute when it is dark and I rely on synthetic light and then am left with perhaps not the most appetising pic, so you will just need to trust me that these rock.

I took them to work to share because I am the world's best colleague and everyone fell in love with them including one co-worker who said she hated peanut butter.

The recipe asked for graham cracker crumbs which we don't have in Australia, so I just used some vegan biscuits I had lying around. Anyone know the closest thing to graham cracker crumbs here? I actually think you could probably make it without the crumbs, I didn't notice them after it was all put together. The great thing about this recipe is that apart from the cookie/biscuit crumbs you most likely have everything lying around. The other good thing is this recipe doesn't actually require turning on an oven.

Now I just need to decide whether I should make another batch of these or some sort of cupcakes for xmas day.


  1. you can get graham cracker crumbs thru canadian comforts: but with a brand name "honeymaid" i'd assume it would involve honey-- you'd have to ask them for an ingredient list (they gave me the ingredients for the oreo cookie crumbs-- they're vegan).
    an even easier way to make peanut butter cups (i haven't actually tried the ones in how it all vegan so i can't compare tastes) is just melt the chocolate in a double boiler then add peanut butter to your liking. you can either put them in baking cups and refrigerate until solid or just spread in a layer on a baking tray and cool then break it into chunks. they're soooooooo good!

  2. thanks!!!! I discovered that the choc oreos were vegan a few years ago and kind of wish I didn't know because i went crazy for them for a long time, hehe.

    The one in how it all vegan consists of margarine, pb, sugar and crumbs and then choc and soy milk melted.

    Will have to try the simple way and compare.:-)

    Thanks again

  3. Very cute!

    Graham crackers are a fairly plain cinnamon-y biscuit - they are less crumbly than most cookies. I usually just replace them with almond meal and a little cinnamon, but crumbling up another vegan cookies seems just as good.