Tuesday, November 11, 2008


This weekend we celebrated caroline and tim's wedding with a picnic in canberra. There was so much yummy vegan food including dhal, pasta salad, bulgar salad, tofu veg skewers with peanut sauce, avocado sushi rolls, mini onion tarts and much more:

These mini choc cupcakes went very quickly for good reason:

As did these mini lemon and poppyseeds muffins:
I love the vintage bear wedding figure:

After that we had our first attempt at Au Luc. Mr T and I were not impressed with the meals. The lemongrass chicken dish was too spicy for me but everyone else seemed to love it:

The rice paper rolls were ok:
And the Vietnamese crepe was just boring:

Thankfully we decided to give it another go and we got there in just enough time before they closed for lunch at 2.30. We loved the basil chicken:

And I normally hate mock fish , but I loved the lemongrass fish which was mild and light and delicious:

This dish was in the noodle section and was called something like BBQ meat noodles and was not at all what I expected. The noodles were like a weave of noodles and you put a small bit on some lettuce with sauce, the BBQ meat which was covered in peanuts and mint and it was nothing short of amazing.
The shredded tofu rolls were jam packed and yummy:
I also loved their spring rolls which had small amounts of seaweed in them but I forgot to take a pic of them. Au Lac definitely gets my thumbs up.

Tim also introduced us to the accidental vegan zucchini puffs (Kabak) from Kismet:
Caroline shows us an inside look of the yummy bready zucchini goodness:


  1. Sounds like a fun trip. I tried Au Lac when I was there a year ago and ate SO much food. My favourite was probably "Soy Fish in Clay Pot Sensation!"--the exclamation point was in the menu. It was well-earned.

  2. i'm so glad you gave au lac another go and loved it. i would have been devastated if you'd have gone away unhappy, especially after i talked it up SO MUCH!!!! hopefully see you on sunday for yum cha if i'm feeling well enough