Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The cupcake carrying bike experiment

I recently made lots and lots of mocha cupcakes for a party

And I decided to take some to a friend. As you can see, they looked fine in their container:

And I put them in my bike basket like this

Unfortunately they didn't arrive in the greatest state:

I have a cupcake courier for regular cupcakes and maybe I can experiment with attaching to the back of my bike. Anyone had success with carrying cupcakes on a bike?


  1. Ha ha, that always happens when I travel by bike! Still tasty though.

  2. a good idea is to bring the cupcakes and icing seperately and assemble them at the party, i'm sure only .001% of the magic will be affected.

  3. Hey kristy, how about using the cupcake courier? http://www.thecupcakecourier.com.au/ pricey but oh so cute! Not sure whether it would fit in your bicycle basket though....

  4. Lisa, luckily the taste isn't effected.

    Lena, I could but I prefer to take my time to ice them at home, since it's kind of pain to take my icing syringe and all.

    Kat, I have one, just not sure I would attach it to my bike safely.

  5. Howdy, ive just come across your blog. Its great finding other aussie vegans! although it seems there aren't many vegan bloggers from Adelaide.
    These cupcakes look yummy! Its such a shame they didnt like your bike trip. I cant say ive attempted to carry cupcakes on a bike before. Im sure they still tasted great :)