Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cupcakes for Cat/Dog Lovers

Hey! This is Toby, previously known as Mr T. I didn't really blog because I thought you can read about my life via Kristy's blog anyway.

Last Saturday we had two birthday drinks to attend: Liz's and Lisa's.

We made Cat cupcakes for Liz, who has a cat called Bella, using fluffy butter cream icing for the face, chopped Oreo as ears, quartered jellybeans as eyes, chocolate chips as noses and cut up licorice as whiskers. We also made some of them for our friends Craig and Bec, who have just moved in together, with two cats.

Using the same Vegan Oreo Cupcakes as the base, we also made Dog cupcakes for Dog lover Lisa.

The dog version are made with a Chocolate icing face, Oreo ears, Skittles eyes, jellybean noses and Licorice mouth. :-)

Lisa had her birthday drink at Bar Etiquette. The small but cozy bar has a carefully selected beer list including the open fermented White Rabbit Dark Ale.


  1. Hey Toby!
    Welcome and congrats on your first post!
    I LOVE the cute cupcakes!!

  2. You forgot to mention how YUMMY these cakes are!

  3. Wait! Tell me more about these jellybeans! WHERE CAN I GET THEM.

  4. The jellybeans are from Allen. And you can get the Kosher one in Jewish supermarket too.

  5. starburst jelly beans are veegz too i think

    why is the kimbacake so sad???

  6. Hi Toby! Love the cupcakes...they are so gorgeous!

  7. Hi Toby - it is great you have taken the baton from Kristy because these cupcakes are really worth blogging - so cute that I am already wondering when I can make them

  8. I love the Kimbacakes!!! The one in the picture is a bit sad but mostly they were a bit cranky... also some were a bit crazy-eyed - very fitting. THANKS!