Friday, February 18, 2011

Cream Cheese Pasta

I generally find the recipes that Toby makes for weeknight dinners. The theme tends to be quick and easy. Actually the theme for most of our meals is quick and easy. This dish fits the bill nicely.

Cream Cheese Pasta it's actually a variation of Pasta with Cream Sauce and Spinach from vegan food.

          1/3 container Tofutti  "Better Than Cream Cheese"
          1 cup vegetable stock
          1 garlic clove, crushed
          1 cup rocket (or argula)
          1 large broccoli
          1 can of beans
          G/f pasta
          Vegetable oil
          Salt and pepper 

Saute garlic and broccoli in a little oil.  Add stock cube and cup of water. Add the Tofutti cream cheese and white beans. Let simmer till kinda thick (10 minutes maybe). Add rocket in last minute of cooking. Dump everything on top of the pasta you cooked and mix it up. If you wanted to make it tastier you could add some fresh herbs.

It was delicious, creamy and relatively healthy. Maybe not as nice as amazing as the vegan yum yum Alfredo but cheaper and with less dishes and ingredients. I think this could be a great dish to make when traveling.


  1. This looks/sounds really nice, must try it one day when I haven't already gone crazy on pasta that week. The vegan yum yum Alfredo is hard to beat and gets a regular showing at my house.

  2. Great idea, and I really like the suggestion as a travel recipe. Would also make a good power-outage recipe, when you have cream cheese to eat up!

  3. YUM! I never would have thought of using the cream cheese in a pasta! Bet it goes perfect with the broccoli.


  4. Whoa that looks and sounds delicious.