Saturday, May 21, 2011

Gluten Free Lifestyle Bakery Giveaway

Lifestyle Bakery kindly offered to send me some of their products to sample and to offer an extra package to one of you lucky readers. All of these products featured here are both gluten free and vegan. Toby was impressed that there wasn't any weird preservatives in these products too.

The first product that I tried was their mulitgrain buns, you can eat them plain but I preferred them toasted. We chose to eat them with vegan sloppy joes. The buns kind of reminded me of damper, although it has been a long time since I had damper.  They did become a little soggy after a while but had a good taste. Whilst I enjoyed them, this was probably my least favourite product but then I'm yet to have a gf bun that I have thought was close to regular buns, I guess it's one of the harder gf things to replicate. I used to prefer crusty buns whereas gf buns tend to be quite soft.

Next up I tried their award winning chia seed toast. I was relieved to discover that all of their breads were already sliced since most gf bread are not and I hate slicing bread. This was my favourite. I decided to make a toasted sandwich out of it using tomatoes and cheezly. It went a nice golden brown, was not tiny like other gf toast, had a pleasant flavour, was quite filling and as an added bonus chia seeds are healthy! I will certainly be buying this again.

Next up was the plain white toast, this was slightly burnt (my fault), but I was pleased to see that it could go so brown as other varieties of gluten free bread struggle to go brown and have that lovely toasted texture. This did closely resemble the taste of regular white toast although had a slightly different texture inside, basically it crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside but that's not an unpleasant thing. It is mostly made of maize, soya, potato and rice flour. Doesn't it look like regular white toast?

I was so excited about the pizza bases, we tried it with shredded smoked tofu, tomato paste, pineapple and cheezly. This was probably my second fave of their products.

The texture was quite bready, like a thick pizza base and again quite filling and without any unusual weird flavour. Toby and I agreed that we preferred this to other gf pizza bases we have tried at home.

Next up I used the bread crumbs to make these tvp burgers (replacing the flour with a mixture of bread crumbs and chickpea flour). I wasn't a massive fan of the burger pattie flavours but thought that the bread crumbs worked and tasted pretty similar to regular breadcrumbs. This one pictured had bread crumbs inside, but the others had extra breadcrumbs on the outside and BBQed well (more on that later).

Lastly I tried the fruit toast. I'm not a huge fan of fruit toast but this had a nice subtle cinnamon flavour and again was super filling, I only needed 2 slices to fill me up.At first I just had it with margarine (nuttelex) but when I run out tried it with coconut oil which worked really well with the flavours.

To enter the giveaway all you have to do:
  • Like the Lifestyle Bakery page on facebook and/or twitter 
  • Leave a comment here answering the question: what is your favourite sandwich filling? and telling me which page you have liked/followed. 
  • Winner will be announced on Sunday 29th May night so you have until Sunday 29th at 1pm (eastern standard time) to enter. 
  • Entries restricted to people in Australia.
And number generator decided that comment 20: Maree is the winner.

I will forward your email address to lifestyle bakery so they can arrange to send you your package. Congrats!


    1. hello!

      having just gone gluten free i really appreciate this review!

      my fave sandwich filling is:

      smoked tofu, cos lettuce, tomato, avocado, tahini and nutritional yeast.

      and, i've liked the facebook page!

    2. Banana. Strange but true!

      I follow Lifestyle Bakery on Twitter.

    3. Followed them on twitter! And no question about the sandwich filling: sunflower seed butter :)

    4. liked on fb,

      i like a tempeh sandwich with kimchi!!

    5. Philadelphia cream cheese is nice!
      Sorry vegans. :p
      Liked on facebook.
      x Preethi

    6. I like their page on facebook!
      That really does look like real white bread.
      I would love to try some gluten free products!
      At the moment my favourite sandwich filling is tomato, asparagus and cheezely toasted mmmm :)


    7. Liked on Facebook and followed on Twitter :)

      My favourite sandwich filling would have to be roast vegetables - although these days I am happy to have anything when eating out, I just get excited if people have gluten free bread!

    8. i like them on facebook.

      my fave filling would have to be chicken,cheese and avocado.

    9. Oh YUM! These do look good! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE fruit toast although I usually have it with way too much butter.

      As for my favourite sandwich filling? Ham and Cheese toasted. YUM!!!

      I have liked them on Facebook. :)

    10. I've liked the facebook page.
      My favourite sandwich is avocado with a slight schmeer of Mighty mite! toasted with plenty of nuttelex on the outside.

    11. I've liked the Facebook page.

      My favourite sandwich is vintage cheese, fresh tomato and gf salami, toasted or pan-fried with lots of butter on the outside. Yum

    12. My favourite sandwich filling? Natural peanut butter agave nectar and fresh sliced banana between fruit bread...yummm. This is so rare for me though as gf bread is way too expensive for a uni student. A little luxury when I go visit my parents....:)

    13. Ooh those gluten free/vegan breadcrumbs have me excited, and the pizza base looks so good.

      I liked on fb as well as twitter.

      My favorite sandwich filling is peanut satay tofu, with salad and lots of avocado!

    14. I liked the facebook page.

      I love a sandwich with almond spread and my mum's homemade plum jam! So good!

    15. I have replied on facebook.

      I love avocado, tomato, marrinated tofu, spinach and vegan cream cheese( tofutti.)

    16. followed them on fb and twitter. my favourite filling is olive paste, tomatoes, avocado and cucumber!

    17. My favourite filling is avocado with sundried tomatoes and artichokes - yum!!

      I've liked the Lifestyle Bakery page on facebook :)


    18. I now follow Lifestyle Bakery on Twitter...

      And I must say I don't eat sandwiches as such (as also being a vegan I find it hard to get 'good' bread that is dairy free)....but if I was to have a sandwich I would put in it tahini, spinach, shredded carrot, avocado, tofutti cheese slice, mushrooms, beetroot, roasted pumpkin and roasted eggplant!

    19. Lifestyle on Facebook for the win!

      My favourite is... Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun... No wait... That's a Big Mac...

      My REAL favourite is: Swiss Cheese, Proscuitto, Tomato, Chargrilled Capsicum, Avocado, salt and pepper... Toasted. Sounds like HEAVEN to me!

    20. Its gotta be avocado, capsicum, tomato, red onion, cheese (and salt & pepper)!!! Yummo.
      Maree ( replied on facebook.

    21. Hi there! Wow those breads look awesome! I love the idea of a chia seed bread it looks so yum! I think it would go fantastic with my favorite
      The classic - straight up avo and tomato with a tiny spinkle of salt
      The NKOTB - roasted capsicum, rocket and smashed chickpeas with a big smear of curry paste
      Hungry now!!

    22. I followed them on Facebook. My favourite sandwich filling used to be vegemite and cheese. Can't eat either now so now it would be Avocado, tuna, lettuce, tomato, mushroom, grated carrot and home made chutney.

    23. I have them on twitter and facebook. My favorite sandwich filling is avocado, without it...I don't think I could live! Usually in my avocado sandwiches I have tomatoes and hemp hearts.

    24. I follow them on facebook and twitter. And my favourite sandwich filling is free range ham, tomato, cucumber, iceberg lettuce, and seeded mustard. :)

    25. Oh, I love their stuff. I follow them on facebook already, but have just added them on twitter too.

      I love their bread made into a toasted sandwich with soy chive cheese, lettuce, mayo and chicken or ham. YUM!!

      I am also really impressed with their pizza bases. Yummy, filling and no funky after taste.

    26. Follow them on FB.My fav sandwich filling is roast beef,roast sweet potato and lashings of horseradish..Mmmm

    27. I Love ur ideas, im celiac, lactose intolerant and cant digest meat or chicken.

      i already like on facebook

      fav would be olive oil, thyme, tomato, mushroom and basil and then toast it

      Reem :)

    28. Hi my fav sandwich filling is toasted sandwich with Roast beef,roast sweet potato and lashungs of horseradish..I follow you on FB...

    29. My favourite filling is to spread the toasted bread with melrose omega blend, on one of those also spread Whittingtons wholegrain bush mustard, add a cooked Frys vegetarian burger, gourmet lettuce, sliced tomato, cucumber, avocado and grated carrot. Lilley B

      I also liked the facebook page.

    30. Hey LifeStyle bakery! My favourite sandwich filling at the moment is... well, I like to make pesto, use that as a spread on the bread, then add some cooked chicken and place a slice of cheese on top... and then the final piece of bread. NOM! Or sometimes I like to eat frozen pieces of white or wholemeal bread with peanut butter on top. I know it's kinda odd but it's kinda like a treat! Oh! and I've 'followed' your twitter and 'liked' the page on facebook. Yay for competitions!

    31. Hi, I already follow them on fb

      My favourite filling is homegrown and roasted beef, with homemade tomato chutney and varigated lettuce. Oh, and a good sprinkling of salt and pepper.

      OR shredded boiled chicken, gluten/egg/dairy free mayonnaise, varigated lettuce and salt and pepper

      (We butcher our own cows and the meat is the best!)

    32. Janelle
      My son is 3 and had Coeliac Disease....his favorite filling is honey...I follow on Facebook