Friday, March 23, 2012

Microwave Baked Potatoes with Happy Tuna Salad

Remember me?

I'm not sure what happened but somewhere along the way I lost my blogging mojo. Not just blogging but also reading blogs, have over 100 posts in my google reader and I'm not even curious.

I've lost my blogging enthusiasm before and it always returns, or I kind of force myself to blog, but someone wisely said its not a chore, do it when you feel like it. I'm not sure where this leaves this blog, at the moment am going to leave it and see if the renthusiasm eturns, but if it never returns then maybe its time to say goodbye or to make some changes. Does anyone else suffer from blogging burnout?

I have several things to post about including awesome food in Sydney but instead i'm blogging about about the one thing that I kind of want to blog about.

I had day surgery to remove endometriosis last week and my recovery has been a lot longer and worse than I expected. My friend Eve very kindly offered me her microwave to borrow while I recover and she moves house. I've generally been quite anti microwave, haven't owned one since moving out. However it has come in super handy over last week, in heating up a heatpack more times than I can count, reheating my lunches when I'm home alone and making this. I've become so used to it that I think when I return it I'll get my own. Also look forward to making mug cake, melting chocolate and more.

Troy and Bec come over one night to visit me last week and showed Toby how to make baked potatoes or jacket potatoes in the microwave. It was my idea to add the happy tuna salad. This dish has been the best comfort food. Is there anything more satisying than melted margaine on baked potato? On second thought, don't answer that!

For the record I don't really think it tastes anything like tuna, but its delicious in its own right.

Happy Tuna Salad from VeganMania

1 1/2 cooked or canned chickpeas
1 cup finely chopped celery
1 Tbsp chopped sweet pickles (we sometimes skip this)
2 Tbsp sweet pickle juice or brine
3/4 cup vegan mayo
1 Tbsp old bay seasoning (never used it)
1 Tbsp of prepared mustard
pinch of dried kelp powder (I tend to use dulse flakes)

Mash chickpeas in food processor or with masher. Mix in remaining ingredients. Taste and adjust to your liking.

 Easy 'baked' potatoes:
4 small-medium 'washed' potatoes

Wash potatoes, prick each one with a fork several times. Place potatoes on folded paper towel,  and wrap it lightly arou d potatoes. Microwave for 10 minutes.

Remove from microwave, and cover in foil for another 10 minutes.

Cut open and serve with toppings.

They are not as crispy on the outside but are so quick and easy that I don't mind at all.

Today they were topped with happy tuna salad, margarine, cheezly and sour cream.


  1. Sorry to hear that the blogging mojo has deserted you but seems you have had a lot of other stuff on your plate (metaphorically speaking) esp as I love seeing what you make. I make a similar salad but never thought to serve it with baked potatoes - I must do that if I can find my baked potato mojo!

    Am pleased to hear you are enjoying the microwave. In theory I am not so into them but I use mine so much - steaming broccoli is a favourite thing to do, and it is great for making quick polenta without having to stir it forever and have it bubble up at you.

  2. I've been going through a blogging (both writing and reading) slup for several months now (the backlog of blogs on my reader is HUGE-- and I think I've deleted a lot without reading too).
    The happy tuna salada recipe looks good-- I made some Old Bay Seasoning a while back (not sure if you can buy that actual seasoning in Australia) and it's still sitting in my cupboard so this might be a way I can use it up. I also have kelp powder that is taking ages to get through because we use so little every time we use it.
    Hope your recovery is speeding up and you begin to feel normal really soon.

  3. I hope your blogging mojo returns, I lost mine for a while after MoFo and also find that when life gets busy it can be difficult to allocate as much time as I would like for blogging. Sorry to hear about your surgery and long recovery, I hope you feel better soon!

    We don't have baked spuds often but I like to partially cook them in the microwave and then finish them off in the oven to make them crunchy. The tuna salad sounds like a great topping.

  4. Johanna, interesting, will give polenta a try.

    Shawna, made it? Interesting!!

    Mel, love the idea of finishing them in the oven. How long do you cook them for?

  5. Mug Cake! Like you, I'm a bit anti-microwave, but baked potatoes and mug cakes are the only things I really would consider getting one for. I hope you make one, and if you do, that you decide to blog about it!

  6. I totally suffer from blogging burnout sometimes! My blog's mainly about eating out & there's only so much eating out I can do! I find it really hard to remember to photograph food at home & the lighting's terrible so I quite often take little blogging breaks. I hope you come back soon but don't stress about it!