Thursday, December 20, 2012

White Guy Cooks Thai Food Cart

We have recently moved to the west so pleased to see there is at least one food van around here and it sells more gluten free and vegan options than most of the ones in the west side.

We went tonight to Footscray park where it was parked:
They had three vegan and gluten free menu items, or four if you include edamame which is pretty awesome given a small changing asian menu:

 I couldn't resist the crunchy corn cakes with chilli jam,avocado relish and asian coleslaw and sushi rice ($11.50). These were crunchy and amazing. I seriously regret having to share them with Toby. Next time I'm not sharing them with anyone.

I also got the tofu noodle salad ($10.50) with citrus sesame dressing this was a tad on the small size but the fried tofu bits were perfect and it was full of flavour. Next time we might get three dishes to share between the two of us or just eat dessert later.

I will definitely be eating more from there soon, I look forward to sitting on the grass and eating it at yarraville or footscray park on warm summer night.  My brother and his girlfriend loved their omni dishes particularly their bahm mi sliders.

You can follow them on twitter or facebook to find where they are parked each night.

It has been blogged about by consider the source and footscray food blog.


  1. Looks fantastic, now I have another place to try out :)

  2. That's a pretty cool food cart! Bit different to the usual suspects in Australia, with the Asian twist, and cute name too.

  3. The noodles and corn cakes both look great! I haven't eaten anything with chilli jam for years, must change that soon. What a bonus that the vegan items are all gluten-free.

  4. I love the name, and seriously want some of those corn cakes! They look really good.

  5. Hello there - am enjoying a different perspective on our western foodiness. Food trucks took a long time to get here, so people are really enjoying their arrival.