Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mr Nice Guy BakeShop- Ascot Vale

At the end of a busy day!

I've been to Mr Nice Guy's in ascot vale several times, in fact at one stage it was almost a weekly thing but never got around til blogging it til now. It's an all vegan bakery with tons of gluten free options. Their gf options seem to grow each week, I swear. I have tried and loved their gf raspberry bread, gf cupcakes, banoffee pie,  raw chocolate cupcakes, pumpkin choc chip donut and so much more. It's a smallish cafe with limited bench seating options.

Heres some recent pics:

Pecan pie. It was my first time trying pecan pie and it was super rice, I probably should have eaten half of it in one setting but it was too good. The gf base was quite good too, not too hard or cardboardy with mild flavour.

Peanut butter chocolate cheesecake. Since when do I resist pb chocolate combination? I had to go past on a weeknight determined to ensure I didn't miss it.The cheesecake itself was great with slightly salted peanut butter but I wasn't a huge fan of the brownie base. I prefer their traditional cheesecake bases, either the baked cheesecake or the berry ones.

I'm yet to try their savoury jalapeno cornbread muffins but will be in again soon.

Their customer service is awesome too, when I got the pecan pie, they didn't have any plastic forks and I explained that I wanted to go eat it in the car as a friend who was meeting me had a sleeping baby and they loaned me a regular fork.

Mr Nice Guy BakeShop
151 Union Road
Ascot Vale
Tue- Sat 8am- 6pm
Sun: 9am- 4pm.
Follow them on facebook for awesome pictures and updates to their menu which is constantly changing.

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  1. Oh dear lord peanut butter chocolate cheesecake I MUST.

  2. I must visit this shop - have been saying it for a while but occasionally I head out to high point so maybe that is the opportunity I need to go there. The gf options sounds fantastic if I happen to be with those who eat gf too.

  3. I'm kind of sad we didn't try these when we were down, so will definitely have to try it at some point in the near future! Their cakes look really good, and it's great that they provide heaps of GF options.