Monday, June 10, 2013

Aangan- West Footscray

I swear it feels like the baby might be part Indian, I've never been so obsessed with Indian food.

Aangan is a fancy Indian restaurant which always seems busy, and despite it's large size, it's hard to get a table without booking in advance. It's the only Indian restaurant I have been to which has both Indian and non Indian staff. The customer service is excellent and the waitress was very knowledgeable about vegan and gluten free options. The website states that aside from their breads and a few entrees the entire menu is gluten free.

The outside area has a marquee and fairy lights and is generally quite pretty, shame people were blocking the view for this picture:

We went on Saturday night with my mother. We ordered onion bhajis which were quite large, covered in chickpea flour batter and served with a tamarind sauce. I could have easily eaten a whole plate of these crunchy tasty fritters as a main. In fact I'm sure I filled up way too quickly but munching down several of these before the mains come.

Toby couldn't resist a proteiny dish so ordered the dal tadka ($14.50). This was tangy and delicious. I wish the dhal I made at home tasted more like it. I would definitely order this again.

I ordered the baigan bhartha, roasted eggplant curry. It was tasty and mild but I was expecting the smokiness that sometimes comes with Indian eggplant curries. I think next time I'll order the Aloo jeera (potato curry) which is also vegan.

I was so ridiculously full by the end of it. My mother loved her super spicy meat curry too, my mother has a a very high chilli tolerance which generally surprises people as she often out spices many Indian people but she found something which matched her tolerance level quite well even at level 10 spiciness. She and Toby enjoyed the huge non spicy samosas too. Toby said that the pastry reminded him of apple pie.

559 Barkly Street
West Footscray

If you know other great Indian restaurants in the inner west with excellent vegan and gluten free options let me know.


  1. Those onion bhajjis look amazing. We had some good indian food in Hong Kong this week, and I got some ideas of new dishes to cook at home.

  2. sounds like a good place for a special meal - I usually judge eggplant dishes on if the eggplant is cooked really well - that will usually get my vote but smokiness too sounds delicious

  3. Looks nice! I'd love to meet you there for a meal in the courtyard when the weather gets warmer.