Thursday, April 27, 2006

VO has closed for good!

VO stands for vegetarian orgasm and had the best vegan cake ever, possibly the best cake ever (as mentioned by a few dairy and eat egg eating folk).

It was also the place that was going to make our wedding cake. I knew that before I even met Mr T.

VO was the place were I would eat out once or twice a week when I first turned vegan. It was the only place I really longed for when I was in Hong Kong.

Admittedly they did make a few mistakes, including the move to gertrude street from smith st away from the smith st crowd. My guess is the biggest contributing factor to their downfall was the maker of the best ever vegan cakes leaving and only leaving one or two of his recipes, including 'the cake': peanut caramel nougart cake served warm with ice cream (soy or dairy).

As a result I along with probably a lot of other people stopped going so frequently. I did however still attend for 'the cake' and some of their other meal items.

I want to cry(please note I'm not) and as Jerome (recent VO cake addicted friend) claimed its the end of 'the cake era'.

Ex cake chef Mark where are you? Come back from Ireland and make a cookbook or start another restaurant or just at the very least make my wedding cake, hell I'll even arrange my wedding around your timing!


  1. O-Organic in Surry Hills, Sydney does an amazing vegan almond and orange cake covered in dark chocolate that P and I had for our wedding cake (its also gluten free, which was good for many of our guests). I realise that it is far from Melbourne, but perhaps they would know where you could get something equally devine.

    I sympathise with losing a favourite restaurant. It is always very sad!

  2. Damn it! I never actually got around to eating there at all, I had wanted to for years. Oh well, that's my own fault.

  3. cristy I might have to investigate that further ;-)

    I MIGHT be going to byron bay in which case I could make a side trip on the way to investigate cake and vegan yum cha.

    At this stage vegan cupcakes is another idea but then who will make them?

    Claire, at least you don't know what you missed out on

  4. Yes, you must try Bodhi (Cook & Philip Park) for vegan yum cha. So good. That is where we had our wedding reception.

    The cake is just on Crown Street (nice and close) and if you end up in the area then Bourke St Bakery (on the corner of Bourke and Devonshire Streets) does a great sourdough and Cafe Mint (almost at the corner of Cleveland and Crown) does the best coffee.

  5. christy if and when I will go I will be getting in contact for all the must eats in sydney