Monday, June 16, 2008


Button has been settling in quite well. The first couple of days, she wouldn't allow Mr T or I to pat her and would run away from us but would give out these tiny little meaws (like half meows) and rub herself up against our legs to tell us she is hungry. She also tried to steal our tempeh wingz (from don't eat off the sidewalk) and discovered her very own monkey bars- our indoor clothes rack which is almost as tall as me and has 3 levels. This kept us awake for a few nights with her getting up and down on it and her running all over the place like crazy. I forget what kittens are like and while Button is almost full grown she is still very much like a kitten in terms of her crazy energy. She now continues to run around during the day but curls up in bed with Mr T and I and actually lets us pat her, purrs away and then falls asleep on the bed. She is still a bit funny about us patting her head when she can see my hand coming at her and gets frightened so we try to pat her from behind. She also does strange things with her food where she takes it out of her bowl and puts it on the floor and eats it off the floor, why? I have no idea, the bowl is super clean!

Anyway, check
out the fluffy tail!


  1. Faye's cat is strange with her food too - you often have to point at the food for a while before she will even consider eating it. And Tom has a habbit of placing his toy mouse in his food bowl each night.

    Button looks like a delightful little girl. I am sure that in time she will grow more confident and trusting.

  2. i've had a few cats who've done that...but the weirdest thing i've seen is when one of my cats used to scoop up one piece of dry catfood out of the bowl with his paw, throw it in the air and then catch it with his mouth. what a freak.

    he must've been bored though, because i think he only did it for entertainment and ended up getting quite chubby :)

  3. Claire, thanks everyday she tends to get a bit more trusting!

    Anon, I asked the nurse at vet clinic and she suggested that it maybe that she doesn't like her plastic bowl. Your cat throwing it up in the air would have been funny to see :-)