Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pretty cupcakes or why I have the best mother

It's my birthday next week and my mother decided she couldn't wait to give me a small gift. She gave me these little moulds pictured below and a variety of smaller ones for mini cupcakes. She also gave me two different colour petal dusts which are basically food dye in powder form and both the pink and yellow were surprisingly vegan. You can check them out online here if you scroll down.

I made a batch of green tea cupcakes for a dinner party that we are we attending and then starting experimenting with the moulds and dusting sugar. I used the orchard white icing that the mould instructions asked for.

I still need a little practice with the frangipani flowers as they are quite fiddly but love how the yellow petal dust works on them.

The simpler flowers are so easy though and if you mix the petal dust with atiny bit of water it makes a paint that you can paint on.

Here is the pink petal dust dry:

There is a variety of different combinations I expirmented with:

But for the dinner party decided on the simpler look:

Btw, I loved the flavour of the green tea cupcakes from VCTOTW!


  1. Holy moly, those cupcakes are so awesome! What a cool mum!!

  2. Lovely! I esp. like the frangipannis.

    Is the Orchard icing vegan? I emailed them ages ago but never got a reply.

  3. So cute! And your mum is adorable. Maybe you can make the green tea cuppies for an asian themed potluck (hint hint!)?

  4. mmm i can imagine these would be delicious. but i don't know where to get matcha powder

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Mandee it appears to be vegan.