Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Radical Grocery Store

I'm quickly becoming a regular at Radical Grocery since it opened a little while ago on Sydney rd. Radical grocery is a small vegan supermarket that prides itself for featuring fair trade and organic products.

The shop owner is super friendly and with all the vegan products one could ask for (except for ice-cream which is coming) it is hard not to be a regular. They also sell a small range of cheap organic fruit and vegetables like $1 avocados.

Here are a few pictures I took inside before my phone went flat:

I've been slowly trialing new mock meat products from there. The frys hotdogs are amazing. Here I teamed one up with cheezly (also from radical grocery), mustard and fried onions. It was perfect Friday night junk food:

They also sell a variety of non-food items like cosmetics, cleaning products, and bags.

It's on probably the most coolest part of Sydney rd. It's near all of the ops shops, Brunswick bound- which is an awesome book store, rising angel- a hair salon that only uses natural products that aren't tested on animals, and a new place that will be opening soon that sells ethical clothing.


  1. I'm a Radical Grocery regular too! I love having it in the neighbourhood. And that clothes shop is open now, I went in there today and it's gorgeous! I just ran around touching all the fabrics and wishing my credit cards weren't maxed out.

  2. You know when I ate meat, I could never stomach a hot dog. But since I've gone lacto-ovo vegetarian, and I've tried the meatless dogs, I like them!
    Nice site!

  3. Wow! They have so many products and it looks well stocked too. Such a good idea for a store.

  4. Omg that hot dog looks so great! I wish we had a radical grocery up here...

  5. It's so not my 'hood... but I seem to find excuses to be around there pretty regularly! I've also discovered that organic avocados age much, much better than the chemical ones, and also that I can't be trusted just to eat one Fry's sausage roll ;p