Friday, August 28, 2009

Paper Crane Baby Mobile

Friends of ours recently had a baby shower and to celebrate Mr T and I made a paper crane mobile.

It seemed like a such simple thing to do but we had a few tiny issues. First we wanted gorgeous Japanese patterned origami paper which I expected to find at Lncraft or Spotlight but they didn't sell it. In the end we found it at made in japan, but it was far from cheap. There was also the little issue of not actually knowing how to make paper cranes. Mr T had made them before but couldn't rally remember. A lot of trial and error soon fixed that though.

We used a small clothes hanger/drier thing that had several pegs on it and simply removed all of the pegs.
Then we made all of the paper cranes, threaded cotton thread them each one and tied knots under each one to keep it in place. We then threaded the top of each row of paper cranes through the holes on the clothes hanger/drier where the pegs originally were. It was quite a fiddly task but we did it bit by bit over a week, threading and making paper cranes as we watched tv.

We were pretty pleased with it, especially the way that the cranes spun around. I think wire would have made it a bit more sturdy, but we thought thread was probably the safer choice for a baby.

Here it is set up in it's new home:


  1. What a great present! It's really gorgeous, and it sounds like a lot of thought and love went into its creation!

  2. I love presents that people put their soul into - this is so gorgeous and original - I am sure your friend's baby will love it

  3. It's so pretty Kristy. Well done.

  4. it's lovely kristy :) -ann

  5. next time you're looking for japanese paterend paper go to ekersleys or another art shop - they always have that stuff