Monday, December 21, 2009

London part 1

Hi everyone, we are finally back and blogging. Still needs lots to do to though to the site, like get the previous posts under Toby's name not mine, so please bare with us.

I'm going backwards in order of destination that we visited but thought I would start with London.

The first day we arrived in London, we had been flying for 13 hours and I struggle to sleep on planes so was completely exhausted, starving so bad that I was shaking, and it was raining, freezing cold and dark AT 4PM. We also got lost trying to find Itadaki Zen restaurant. And I learnt the hard way that people in London can be frigging rude, Toby and I tried to ask 3 different people for help with directions and each person did this wave of the hand thing and kept walking.

Needless to say we were so relieved when we finally found this place. And one of the owners was friendly and passionate and explained that it is the first vegan organic Japanese restaurant in Europe. He also explained that it had only recently opened and that it was connected to organic sustainable farming projects in Japan. He also gave me directions and showed me where on the map the nearest organic supermarket was, It's one of the few places in London that I wish we could have returned to but didn't get the chance to. And Mr T wished we could have returned to try a dish called Neba Neba.

Anyway on to the food:

I can't comment too much on the sushi since I practically inhaled it, but Toby reported that it was fresh and delicate:

Next up we had the tempura which the staff explained is seasonal, it was served with sea salt on the side and was crunchy and delicious:

We shared this yu tofu dish which had a light broth which Toby thought was a bit bland, but I thought was healthy and just what the doctor ordered:

I had one of the smooth tofu desserts, I forget the name but it was smooth, contained sesame paste and a sweet syrup and we both loved it.

And look how cute the place is:

Itadaki Zen Restaurant
139 King's Cross Road
London, WC1X 9BJ
020 7278 3573



  1. \]\]]]]] <<-- That's from Kimba! I think she's impressed!

    Looks awesome, and welcome to your new blog! I can't wait to see more pics from your European adventure.

  2. Your new blog looks fresh and inviting! Congrats!

  3. That sounds like a good welcome to London, after the first little bit anyways! Sometimes it's hard leaving Australia, people here tend to be genuinely friendly and it's a shock to the system to travel to places where friendliness isn't the norm!

  4. look like a great first meal in London - look forward to your new blog developing

  5. Lisa, Kimba must have good taste :-)

    Seitahn, thanks!

    Theresa, it certainly made me realise how friendly Australians can be, in comparison.

    Johanna, there still lots of changes to be done!