Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What's harder -diabetes or coeliac's disease?

what do you think is harder? Considering that I'm vegan of course.

I'm being tested for both and have been thinking about this a lot, even though I probably don't have either. I really really really heart sugar and live for over the top sugary desserts. Diabetes does run in my family, but I was tested not that long ago. But I do really love bread and am yet to find a gluten free bread that I like. But lots of things that are vegan tend to be gluten free too, right? What do you think?

It's amazing the things I think about to procrastinate from my thesis. But please indulge my curiosity.


  1. I think diabetes would be harder - no desserts???!! There are so many gluten free options available now that although being coeliac would be awful, I think it would be a lot easier.

  2. It would obviously depend on the individual and the foods they love or eat habitually.

    I think I'd find Coeliac's tougher. I love my sweets but could probably learn to substitute with dried fruit etc. I don't know if there's a gluten-free substitute for puff pastry that would really hit the spot! (And I'd miss my faux meats too.)

  3. it totally varies from person to person. as someone who is a coeliac and has a family history and high susceptability to diabetes, i'm fearing the worst. at the moment i'm getting by on a vegan gluten free diet but i wonder if diabetes would more easy or difficult, for different reasons.
    i think vegans are more adaptable to medically perscribed dietary requirements as we're already reading labels for so many other things already, and are more aware of where our food comes from and more likely to be making most of our food from whole ingredients.

    diabetes affects those with the disease in many different ways as well. sometimes you can't ever have any sugar and sometimes you need a whole lot.

    good luck with the testing (the complete testing for coeliacs disease, which you may not have to do depending on yr blood test results, is a DOOOZIE!) and i'm sure you'll be able to adapt to your new requirements and start churning out many interesting takes on old favourites in no time.


  4. Coeliac would be harder for me. Diabetes doesn't mean no dessert, after all... Good luck with the testing.

  5. ain't nobody ever lost their foot from coeliac disease.

    personally, i'd rather eat a diabetic diet, but i'd rather be plagued with coeliac disease.

  6. Lena, I think your right and it does depend a lot. I just keep thinking well if I have coeliac's disease at least I can keep eating the desserts at Tart n round.

    Kham-ing, that is a good point, my grandfather actually did lose his feet, although I'm not sure if it was his diabetes or smoking.

    Because of xmas and new years eve, I think I am going to have to wait another week before I find out, arghhh

  7. That is supposed to read foot, not feet.

  8. I wrote this whole long post and lost it! Anyway, I guess I think that looking at the physical side of it, while coeliacs can progress to stricturing and jejunitis, the results of poorly controlled diabetes - blindess, amputation - are worse, and often the symptoms have to be controlled with insulin as well as diet, whereas coeliac is primarily a dietary treatment. Coming from a diabeteic family, and as my dad has already had (thankfully minor) amputation, I fear diabetes more (but would find it harder to give up gluten than sugary things).
    Kristy, good luck. I hope everything's ok. I also recently had the diabetes test (all fine) and it's worrying.