Saturday, June 19, 2010

Grigons & Orr Corner Store

I first read about Grigons & Orr Corner Store on Steph's blog and then later at Vicki's blog and Carla's blog and decided that I had to have their tofu dish since it was both g/f and vegan.

Grigons & Orr is an old corner store and still sells milk bar type items like milk, tea, baked beans, lollies etc. There is limited seating inside, but plenty outside. But it's always seems to be busy, so it's not really a place to go if you want breakfast immediately. The first time I went I was lucky that my friend Marisa was there and leaving so we got to grab her table, thanks Marisa! Other times I've had to wait 10-15 minutes for a table.

Anyway on to the tofu dish, I generally order it with extra gf toast but admit I haven't check the veganess of the gf toast yet.

The tofu is coated in herbs and cornflour (or possibly some other gf flour), and is stacked on top of mushrooms and spinach. The garnish around the edges appears to be balsamic glaze and then there is a soy infused sauce that appears to be watered down a little with stock or water. I love this dish but still feel that it could easily be better with maybe more balsamic glaze, more sauce or even some fresh herbs. If I have it on it's own without the extra toast I'm at the almost full stage, whereas with extra g/f toast I'm actually full

I've gone a couple of times with my family and then once with Kylie and they have really enjoyed their non vegan breakfast options too. I also love the fact that their water has strawberries in it and they sell my favourite lemonade (Charlie's raspberry lemonade). Toby's is pleased by how much protein he gets with this breakfast but is not a fan of their coffee.

Grigons & Orr
Corner of Queensbury St & Chetwynd St
North Melbourne
Open 7 days 7am- 5pm

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  1. I'm looking forward to trying their other vegan dish... I like grigons and orr...