Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Minor Place II

Once I went gluten free my vegan breakfast options were pretty limited in Melbourne since most of the scrambled tofu options around town contain regular soy sauce. If you do come across any tofu dishes minus wheat based soy sauce please let me know. I was super happy to discover that A Minor Place have g/f toast. Despite my rosemary hatred I love Henry's white beans which consists of white beans, rosemary (I pick out the bigger bits), lemon, dukkah and lots of rocket over toast. Their toast is pretty ace for g/f bread too, it's from the old strathmore bakery. Toby thinks the coffee is pretty good too so it's become a regular breakfast option (every couple of weeks). You can read Toby's post about a minor place here.

A Minor Place
103 Albion St
VIC 3056
9384 3131


  1. Those beans sound very similar to a white bean dip recipe I make, although I often sub in thyme for rosemary. Super glad you've found somewhere yummy for breakfast... I've never really though about it, but breakfast can be a very wheat/gluten heavy meal, can't it?

    Have you managed to find a safe oat option? I know oats themselves are gluten-free, but I've heard that they're often processed or grown with wheaty products. Of course, that's just me assuming that everyone love porridge with maple syrup and cinnamon :P

  2. wow that is tough if even tofu scrambles aren't gf - can't people just start getting gf soy sauce - it is so easy to do! At least that bread looks good

    have you been to black ruby in rathdowne street (though I know it has had mixed reviews I enjoyed it when I went there) - I looked at the menu recently and a lot of it was gf but don't know how much is vegan too

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  4. Hannah, it sure can be gluten heavy. A friend of mine got me gluten free oats form the US, but I'm not a huge porridge fan so have been using them in baking.

    Johanna, I have tried it and have a blog post coming up soon. I love their g/f bread!