Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Best Weekend Ever Part I

Last Weekend was totally awesome.

It started on Thursday night. My friend Matt got some last minute free tickets to see LCD Soundsystem and took me with him. I was totally stoked because I wanted to see them but couldn't afford it. We drank Cooper's Lager cans and danced our arses off to Losing My Edge (check out this live video)/Get Innocuous/All My Friends in Festival Hall's Jurassic Park style enclosure:

Friday night, K and I went to Disco Beans again for more vegan gluten-free friendly Japanese Food. There were more choices on the menu than our last two visits. First thing that caught K's eyes was the vegan Double Decker Ice-cream Sundae Parfaits but unfortunately it was not gluten-free.

I picked the gluten-free/vegan version of Shoyu Ramen:

The soup base was authentically light and clear. There were plenty of seaweed, black sesames, snap peas, carrots, spring onions and tofu in the bowl. It tasted quite different from the Shoyu Ramen I had before, probably because they made it gluten-free for K (Shoyu means soy sauce in Japanese) and the noodles were replaced by rice noodles.

K ordered the Tofu Don (vegan and gluten-free):

Both of us loved the in-your-face flavour of the ginger sauce. It went very well with the tofu steak and Sushi rice. K normally would not eat salad greens but she ate lots of it because of the yummy Miso dressing.

Highlight of the dinner was the Strawberry Fields Forever cake (Vegan and gluten-free):

"Strawberry Fields Forever cake" was the best raw vegan cheesecake I've had. It was mainly made of cashews, coconut and strawberries. I loved the contrast of the delicate melt-in-the-mouth refreshing strawberry bits and the rich crumb crust.

Read about our first encounter with Disco Beans.

Disco Beans
238 High St, Northcote
Open Wed-Sun noon-3pm and 5.30-9.30pm

On my walkman:
This is Happening - LCD Soundsystem

Coming next:
Best Weekend Ever Part II - Daiya vegan cheese and Craig's sunday roast.


  1. Dang, I've really gotta try those disco beans!

  2. Ohh that cheesecake! yum! Im still searching for an awesome vegan cheesecake.

  3. I love LCD Soundsystem, wish I'd gone to Splendour to see them.

    I have to go to Disco Beans while I'm here, I need Raw cheezecake!

  4. Ohhhhh, that all looks/sounds amazing! Seaweed, black sesame, and tofu... three of my favourite things. Someone should make a seaweed cheezecake.

    Wait, no they shouldn't. Even I know that'd be icky.

  5. oh yum yum yum, that strawberry cake looks delicious!

  6. That does look like a good weekend. That cheesecake!

  7. the ramen looks so good

  8. Thanks guy (more like...girls)!
    Their facebook update yesterday:

    " Ever dreamt of eating a (mostly) pink meal? Come on over for a sunset curry with beetroot and beans, a fresh salad with a pink onion dressing and strawberry fields forever cakes YUM!"