Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vegan Shoes in Melbourne!

I found out via Facebook about a vegan shoe sale. Beira Rio Australia are thankfully importing two brands of Brazilian vegan shoes to Australia: Beira Rio and Moleco.

You can see pictures of the shoes range and read about future sales or host your own shoe party by going to their facebook page here. I read online they also ship to other parts of Australia.

I don't normally spend much on shoes, but am sick of buying ruby and other cheap shoes that only last a couple of months. It was also great to have some more feminine styles than the vegan wares range. So jumped at the chance to go to the sale and bought 3 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of flat shoes and my favourite a classic pair of mary janes (in the middle).

They really do appear to be sturdy, well made and comfortable. And look how pretty the bottom is:
Now I just need to find a vegan pair of pixie/granny/brogue style ankle boots!


  1. how much were they if you dont mind me asking?

  2. $60- $88 each which I think was quite reasonable for well made sturdy shoes, they have the prices on the facebook page too -under their photos-our range.

  3. I really like the mary janes!

  4. Have you ever tried Vegetarian Shoes? They're a british company but their shoes looks amazing and well made.

    Look, pixie boots!

    Also, i used to work at Rubi, and the shoes are actually terribly made! I always bought their stuff until I realised how quickly they fall apart. But i guess you get what you pay for?

  5. I want all three, you chose really good pairs, K! I might contact them about shipping to Sydney. How did you find the sizing?

  6. I love those Mary Janes! Gorgeous! And the soles are fun, too :) Oh, what I wouldn't give to be able to wear nice shoes... it's been over a year of birks and uggs...

  7. I really wish I'd come now! They're great shoes, and very reasonably priced (I really have no upper limit for great quality, well-designed vegan shoes that don't pinch my toes, rub my heels or look cheap and nasty). I love th epatent mary-janes too!

  8. Have you seen this shop?

    My friend and I are gonna go on a spree there when we have more money :D