Monday, February 14, 2011

Lord of the Fries Gluten Free Burger

Disclaimer: we recently received a lord of the fries VIP card which entitles us to one free small fries once a month for a year (except for March and November for some reason). However, I swear that this review is not influenced by that, particularly since I'm not even reviewing the fries.

It fills me a crazy amount of happiness that I can get vegan and gluten free onion rings, 'chicken' nuggets, burgers and fries in the CBD. Even more so because their LOTF city stores are in convenient locations and are open super late. Lord of the fries is particularly good at midnight when you want greasy food. Actually just quickly on the subject of fries, did you know that most fries are not gluten free? It's because they are generally cooked in the same oil as battered items or are frozen ones which have added wheat. So so so stupid!

It took me a while to try the gluten free burger because it wasn't available for a while while they changed buns but it's back and i've had it twice. Here is the large original burger. The g/f bun only comes in large and mega.

Now first of all, the bun isn't as good as the gluteny bun but I never really expect gluten free bread to be as good. It's got that weird gluten free texture which is almost cake like and kind of falls a part a little. It also seems bigger than the regular bun so both times I have ended up with a tiny but of bun leftover. But I actually don't care because it's a vegan and gluten free burger!!!! Also taste wise it's actually alright, it's just the texture that's weird. The patty and fillings are still the same, so that's the important thing.

We went on Saturday night to the Elizabeth st store and it felt so satisfying to have a burger while Toby ate his regular burger and my brother and his girlfriend had their McDonald's burgers. Yes, I know they are gross! It's just the feeling of not missing out, that's really nice.

I couldn't resist sharing some onion rings with Toby which still rock my socks:

It was really convienent dinner before my first soccer game at aami park otherwise known as bubble dome which is actually kind of cool looking, check out the pretty sky:

Lord of the fries has recently been reviewed by chit chat chompvegan snorkeler and easy as vegan pie.

Lord of the Fries
Corner of Elizabeth and Flinders St

P.S: Does anyone know why the northland store closed down?


  1. As far as I know, LoTF Northland is refurbishing. I have asked Centre Management when they intend reopening but they did not know, and assured me that they were actually reopening at some point. Fingers crossed!

  2. I know what you mean about just wanting an experience rather than a particular food

    love your pic of the dome

    shame about northland lord of the fries - it is the only place I have ever been to try their fries - maybe it is just resting

  3. LotF burger was so good when I tried it last year. Really cool that they have so many GF offerings!

  4. i'm amazed that you found a vegan AND gluten-free burger bun. most buns that i've come across that are gf have egg in them. ugh. maybe i should move to australia ;)

  5. Tahn, I hope so.

    hollypop, they are my fave.

    Johanna, thanks!

    Theresa, I know.

    Caitlin, you should :-)

  6. I love LotF way too much! We always stay right around the corner whenever we're in Melbourne. It's been far too long, we need to head back over soon.

  7. Hey!
    Just discovered your blog and I'm loving it
    That sky looks amazing!