Tuesday, February 1, 2011

News about this Blog

It is going to be 100% gluten free starting today!

I figure the first day of the month is a good time. I've kind of been thinking about it for a little while, but there is an exciting new vegan and gluten free blogging community that I want to be part of that kind of forced me to think about it. More on that later.

Yes this blog was going to be mostly gluten free anyway but I felt bad since this is a joint blogging venture with Toby who is obviously not gluten free. I felt bad since he would be eating gluteny meals out and not being able to blog about it. But there are plenty of vegan blogs and not that many gluten free vegan blogs, we really are a minority! Also, it's nice to think that if some other vegan coeliac comes along that they can find plenty of recipes and ideas for eating out here without haven't to see pictures of food that they can't eat.

I'm going to keep my old reviews and recipes of course. Although I need to find a way to change my labels so that it easier to find gluten free restaurant reviews and restaurants. At the moment I've been labelling things as 'gluten free dessert', 'eating out gluten free' but surely there is an easier way. Any suggestions?
Button with the neighbour's cat Esmay.


  1. Yay, our xgfx community is great!

    I tag all my posts with "gluten free" on it's own and then use other tags like "dinner".

  2. Maybe Toby should start his own blog!

  3. excellent! feel free to grab the badge from the xgfxcommunity.blgospot.com site. we have bigger stuff coming soon!!


  4. just came to see if you had posted about your noodle salad and was amazed at the new look - fantastic - and sounds like you are creating a nice little gf vegan space here - nice that toby is so supportive of your diet

  5. Mandee, I know and it's so pretty.

    Steph, he doesn't blog enough for that :-)

    Kitte, done!

    Johanna, thanks, i'm still tweaking it