Monday, April 18, 2011

New Stuff

Just a quick one to say that i've been busy doing other vegan related things which don't relate to blogging but will be back soon and to let you know about a few new things I've been up to:

* Remember the accidentally vegan product or ninja vegan post, well that led to me creating a facebook group called 'Aussie Vegan Food Updates' a few years ago. Well I've finally got around to transferring it to a community page on facebook. The major advantage of having a community page is that it updates to your news feed so you don't need to keep checking it to find out the latest vegan goss. This time I'm teamed up with a few other vegans so the plan is to have a more communal style sharing community page. Click here or on the link on the sidebar to like the group, there is some goss about restaurants moving/opening etc. I promise to try to keep the updates to a reasonable level so your not flooded by updates!

* Xgfx has launched, so you can now start to see gluten free AND vegan products reviews, recipes etc.  I've submitted my one review and hope and to work on a few more. So great that gluten free vegans can find all sorts of info in one place, it's a great time to be gluten free and vegan!

* I've also been recipe testing for Leigh Drew's new vegan pastry themed cookbook which is extremely gluten free friendly. You may know Leigh from her first vegan dessert cookbook called Vegan Indulgence. I'm so amazed by her creativity with the recipes and her thoughtfulness around trying to cater for us gluten free folks too. I'll post some pictures once it's closer to being released.

Will catch up on reading blogs and blogging soon but right now have to attend to one messy house and an attention seeking cat which have both been slightly neglected.

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