Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I have said so many great things about east brunswick club on here that I feel that I can say this without any hard feelings:

What the hell is up with the one hour and 45 minute wait for food? I know it is crazy on Monday night with every vegan and veg person in Melb appearing to be there but it's been busy on Monday nights for a while now. Surely with the building being packed full of people eating and drinking you can afford to increase the staff in the kitchen or do something to make the food come even a little quicker. I'm happy to wait an hour for a meal but over 90 minutes is ridiculous! Also, please don't send the desserts out an hour before the meal.

On a more positive note the 'chicken' burger with avocado and lime mayo and the desserts still rock.


  1. Yeah, the wait was insane but the 'chicken' burger was all kinds of awesome.

    BUT...they should have warned that there was coffee in the cheesecake. Yuk! I couldn't eat it and had to watch my friend happily devour it.

    Sorry I didn't say bye, I was delirious from the hunger and the piggery once the food arrived!

    See you next week? I'm dying to try the burrito.

  2. Emily, at least you got a chicken burger, they brought me out a bacon and cheese burger and I just said yes because I was starving. What a shame about the cake! I had the mint choc madness cake.

    Yeah, i'll probably be there next mon but I'm going to try going earlier.

  3. i too waited the hour forty-five. my personal theory is, seeing as the meals were coming out one or two at a time, that the total of three staff were taking shift cooking them out back in a little toaster oven. it seemed there was a system on one on the bar, one waiting and cleaning tables, and one at the toaster oven.

  4. yeah it's kinda awkward when my partner's meal arrives 20 mins after mine (we went there last night)