Monday, July 14, 2008

More on Button and an explanation

No interesting baking lately and I don't have the energy for other posts. I was thinking about how little I post about real issues anymore and I realised that when I first started this blog I was working in crappola jobs like working in a call centre that didn't require much brain power or much emotional energy so I could use my spare time to write about stuff I cared about whether it was personal stuff or political stuff. I used to write about women's rights, and the whole female Caucasian dating an Asian male thing and lots more. Now that I work in a welfare related field I come home most days and I'm exhausted. Add into that mix placements and essays and now another thesis and the last thing I want to do it write anymore. It's not that I don't care, I do, I have plenty of opinions on a whole range of issues: china-olympics, sexualisation of young girls, racism and so much more. I just tend to talk about them verbally because it is easier rather than write about them. Food is the one thing that I'm passionate about that doesn't require much energy, so i'm not a sell out OK :-)

So instead of all the above today I give you pics of button on her monkey bars as Mr T calls them:
climbing up
and then she reaches the top she will stay like that for ages looking very proud of herself

It's been just over a month since we adopted her. Bit by bit she has settled in more and more. She now allows me to pick her up sometimes, will choose to jump on my lap and will allow me to pat even when she can see my hand coming towards her, she has also taken to licking me in an attempt to wash me I guess. The only problem is she keeps getting her claws stuck on my clothes and well everything, even her scratching pole sometimes and it takes her a little while to get unstuck. I've also discovered why the vet clinic called her button, she loves to attack buttons.

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  1. She is so gorgeous. And efficient--she's furring all your clothes up in one go, instead of piece by piece ;)

    As for your focus on food and kittehs, I feel the same--I get spurts of energy where I focus on political stuff, but then I get burnt out with other stuff and food and cats are good to fall back on!