Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Choc melting moments

These are my first trial from the new Aussie dessert cookbook called vegan indulgence.

These are super easy-the type of thing you can bake on a weeknight and they melt in your mouth. I'm pretty sure that I used more margarine that the recipe asked for though and didn't do the fork imprint to make it look prettier because they were just for us and we don't mind ugly cookies.


  1. Something you can bake on a weeknight... I may just have to get a copy of that cookbook. I always have the urge for cookies but never feel like making them.

  2. OH, REALLY?

    *makes more obscene and needless purchases*

    look amazing. i wonder how they'll go with a chickpea/riceflour blend.

  3. VI author here *waves* Yay for trying out the melting moments! I'm glad you liked them! They're my favourite thing to make when I need bikkies on short notice, very quick to make.

    @lena - my testers made the melting moments gluten free, and I've made them with a blend of rice flour and buckwheat flour and they worked well - a little more crumbly than with wheat flour.

  4. Thanks for the awesome recipe and for commenting!

    I plan to try lots more from the cookbook soon.