Monday, August 4, 2008

I have a new toy

This avanti icing and biscuit syringe, I prefer to call it a gun though because well syringe doesn't sound very cool. The disks can be used to make all different shaped biscuits by inserting the cookie dough in the gun and then using the disc as a filter. Mmm what type of biscuits should I make with it? Plus I think the discs will also make great stencils for decorating cupcakes with icing sugar, cocoa or whatever.

Pic taken from Cake Deco.

I'm pretty lazy when it comes to icing cupcakes, I just spread it on because I hate pastry bags, but not this. I lurrrrrrrrrve this gun.

So I made the vanilla and choc marble cupcakes from VCTOTW. Unfortunately, instead of 3 dozen I only got 2 and a half dozen and they were hard and not very full of flavour. So I also made a couple of dozen vanilla cupcakes and put some choc chips in, but thy just sunk to the bottom. I also followed Mandee's idea and decided to make two toned icing but without a divider, I just put choc icing on one side of the gun and vanilla on the other and it still worked.

Sorry for the quality of the pics they were taken on a camera phone. I was going for a soft serve style icing. I really need to get another digital camera.

I also loaned my friends cupcake courier which I swear is the best invention ever.


  1. I'm thinking I need to try some more baking ... if only so I can use that awesome cupcake holder!
    :) Miss T

  2. Oooh, your friend has a Cupcake Courier! I really have to get myself one. Those cupcakes look delish.

  3. Thanks everyone!

    The loaned cupcake courier will probably feature at the bake off on sat.

  4. :O I want a double decker cupcake carrier! Where did they get it?!