Saturday, January 24, 2009

We did it

In the week before the wedding, we had a lot of horrible things happen:
* my family's dog had a horrible fit in front of us (they think he ate poison) and had to be put down
* my brother's very expensive car window got smashed by some asshole while he was helping out
* and my relative had a seizure and had to go into hospital
* and a thousand other small things

I was starting to feel like not having a wedding at all after all the horrible incidents, but am so glad that we did. It was nice to get together for a positive reason with friends and family and Mr T and I had an absolute blast. It was so nice to stand in front of everyone and say vowels that actually meant something (will include later so you can see what we mean), and to eat, drink and dance the night away.

Pics and proper post once we get back from our very short honeymoon.

Thanks again to everyone who come and made the day/night so special!


  1. yay that you had fun! boo to all the shit stuff. :o(

  2. mazal tov.
    rainbow without rain, etc. all the best, k&mr t!!!
    sorry won't see you at any upcoming potlucks as my home has moved from melbourne to sydney, but i'll be down sometimes so i'll look forward to bumping into either or both of you.xL

  3. Your wedding was a very special night! I had a blast. And you both looked totally gorgeous... am loving seeing the photos circulating.

  4. Sorry to hear about your dog & relative.

    Your wedding sounds like it we really well & I'm looking fwd to photos! Enjoy your honeymoon :)

  5. I'm so glad to hear that your wedding went well, despite the terrible lead-up to it. I can't wait to see your photos, and read your vows, and probably steal lots of ideas :)

  6. it was such a lovely night, tim and i wished we could have stayed for the whole thing, but we had such an amazing time. you guys really know how to throw a party! you should get married all the time! hehe
    i'm so sorry to hear about all that horrible stuff, but we're glad you had fun too. the food was incredible, the music fantastic and the ceremony was beautiful

  7. Kristy, I just looked at some photos on facebook and I must say--you looked gorgeous! And the two of you looked so happy, which is really the most important part! Congrats, again!