Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New year Eve potluck

Emily helped several of us welcome the new year in the best possible way, with a potluck.

She provided the sausages, burgers and this healthy salad.

And one of my favourites, rum balls ( I had several):

I decided after I got a cupcake courier and individual cupcake holders for xmas that I had to make cupcakes. I make choc cupcakes and topped them with melted white choc and sprinkles. The first batch sunk and so I decided to fill the middle with more white choc which was great in theory but of course after it was set it was super hard.

I also make Fatfree BBQ seitan ribs, which looked great and tasted good on the outside but texture wise it sucked in the inside, it was really hard. It was my first time making seitan and my first time kneading so it might have been that.

Chad make this cheezy pasta bake.

Lisa made a healthy but tasty pasta salad.

Lidia made these cookies:

Pip make these yummy tarts

and her man Tim made these amazing brownies


  1. It all looks great! Love the cupcake holder.

    What sort of/brand of sprinkles are you using? Aside from 100s+1000s, I'm struggling to find sprinkles that are vegan.

  2. I liked your satan. I mean seitan. Your cupcakes were outta this world though. Yummmmm.

  3. crap! i missed out on the ribs! and i really loved the cupcakes - the hard chocolate was great, i'm a sucka for crunchy bits in cakes.

  4. Lucky you with your new cupcake courier, I'm trying to decide if I buy one or not & the individual ones are cool too!