Monday, May 4, 2009

Blueberry Parfait

Ok so technically it's not really parfait but parfait sounds better than sloppy stuff in a bowl.

For a recent weeknight potluck-Joe Fox' farewell, which Lidia promises to blog about. I decided to make white chocolate mousse using the recipe from VCTOTW and leaving out vanilla. It wasn't as good as the dark chocolate mousse and you actually taste the tofu in it so I decided to add vanilla beans which helped a lot. I decided it needed something more and so I decided to combine it with blueberries, thanks to yeah that vegan shit raspberry drizzled chocolate mousse. I subsituted the raspberries for blueberries because that's what I had in the freezer. I didn't blend the blueberries though or defrost them but it still turned out fine.

It was a great answer to a midweek potluck and appeared to be quite popular and I was pretty impressed, although I couldn't really layer it because the mousse was so thick. Next time I might try blending the two together.

I didn't have lots of small glasses so followed Lidia's suggestion and made one giant one using my massive apple bowl.


  1. Thanks, I have lots of small ones and other fruit bowls too. It's one of my op-shop weaknesses.

  2. really wish i could have stayed long enough to try it