Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Breaking news: Melbourne's newest veg cafe opened today!

I was super excited to find out that Tart n Round that make the amazing chocolate balls that are available at Fatto a Mano and many other places was opening a cafe. I was even more excited when I learnt that it was going to be in Thornbury and super close to my work. They opened today and so I popped in on my tiny lunch break. Everything they sell is egg free, dairy free, and wheat free and vegetarian of course. I didn't get a good look at the menu, but they had a few things in their fridge like veg burgers/patties, and lasagna. I also noticed that they had their amazing cherry bliss and peanut caramel balls, with some other chocolate balls and a few different varieties of giant cookies. One thing I did see on their menu was brownie sundaes that I will definitely try next time. I also heard rumours that they will see vegan choc tops but didn't see any. I needed something quick though so got a piece of lasgane. It was quite unique in that it had mashed potatoes on top but it worked. It had a range of vegies and mushrooms in and it and was yummy.

I also got myself a choc orange cookie.

It was huge like the size of my palm and I have long hands, see:

I can't wait to go back on sat with Mr T and try more. It's great to finally see a veg cafe around Northcote/Thornbury.

Tart N Round
839 High St
Tue- Sat 10-6


  1. Ooo, thanks for the heads up, Kristy.

    Particularly handy for my girl as she works in Thornbury too.

    The lasagne looks delicious.


    I mean...that cafe sounds great!


  3. YAAAAAY!!! I love their cherry and peanut butter balls and will definitely be checking out the other food too.

  4. i can't wait to go here!!! it'll be strictly bizness though... and i'lll have to wait till i get back from nz...

  5. i'm not friends with emily aduki (*and* i don't live in melbourne) so i dont get the heads ups on these things. all i know is FUCK YEAH. also the close vicinity of this place to la panella means that i get to be less of a sook bag when al and i visit adn make the oblig. trip for preston pies on the way back north.

    ps: i didn't ask them about the choc tops but they were on the menu so i dunno!!!

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  7. Sounds good, will start labeling by suburb, thanks!