Monday, June 29, 2009

$3 Awesomessness

We once tried to order the pork rolls that are discussed in the Melb veg food guide but they didn't really understand when we asked for vegetarian pork roll and offered us either pork or vegetarian noodles, thankfully Mr T was with me and asked in Cantonese but they didn't have any. I have since asked Emily and she explained that you need to ask for "vegetarian rolls" .

These $3 rolls are frigging amazing, not just amazing but life changing. I'm not normally a fan of cold gluten products but the gluten is super tasty and when paired with a long bread roll(it's bigger than the pic looks), coriander and pickled carrots it is AMAZINGGGGGGG. And for $3? you can't even get a salad sandwich for $3.

Here is the place where you can get them from.

That's why I heart the western suburbs.

But if you need another reason to venture to Footscray there is also yummy jam donuts that are accidentally vegan here. I don't have the address yet but basically if you come out at the exit at Footscray market and turn left you will come across a bakery called Sunny Nguyen. Next time I will get the address and actual pics of the donuts I promise! It is a $1 for 2 donuts. They are greasy, and nice and cheap tasting in a good way. Much better than la panella jam donuts which have a slightly weird flavour.

Tan Truc Giang Restaurant
36a Leed St
9689 9509

I've edited it so the pics are no longer miniature


  1. Ah huh! Glad it worked out so well this time. :-)

  2. i've lived in footscray for 17 years and this is the first time i've ever heard of vegan bahn mi. who would have thunk it.

  3. i agree these are the tastiest donuts we can get - the la panella ones tend to be a bit tough and yeasty tasting but these are so soft and junky!

  4. Sunny Nguyen's bakery seems to have closed so no more of the best vegan donuts in Melbourne unless someone knows if they have reopened somewhere else.

    1. Sunny Nguyen's bakery is open and doing great business on the other side of the road from their old location now at 30 Irving Street Footscray

  5. I actually prefer the banh mi from To's Bakery across Barkly St - I just ask for it without any butter/mayo/paté. They usually have delicious tofu as well, if you don't want all cold ingredients.